Mum's hugs sculpture with an infant boy. Close up view

“A mother provides protection and support. She’s the one who loves you the way you are. She gave you life and protects it. She’s the one we’re boundlessly grateful to just for being with us. Is there anything in life more valuable than a mother’s hugs and kisses? Without a doubt, our mothers are among the most important people in our existence. And we never know when they will leave us, so the best thing we can do is bask in their presence.” Ana Mas

This two-figure composition of a mother and child was conceived as a bookshelf and nightstand. The magnificent and touching sculpture fits perfectly into any contemporary interior and fills it with the sensation of motherly care and affection.

Mum's hugs sculpture with an infant boy. Front view
Mum's hugs sculpture with infant boy. Top view

Product information


Recyclable PLA plastic with protective polymer coating. Acrylic stone. Stainless steel.


(L) 125cm (W) 80cm (H) 120cm


The Mum’s hugs is limited to 3 editions.

Each sculpture is made using modern 3d printing technology.

We can customize each item to make it one of a kind. Please contact us for further information.

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