“The state of absolute calm and safety which each of us experienced in childhood. Lying on your back thinking about anything at all, back when life was just beginning. When everything is important and simultaneously not at all. Just being in the here and now – that is the ultimate joy.” Ana Mas

This unique sculpture was developed as a nightstand and fits perfectly into any contemporary interior. The oval sheet of resistant organic glass has a practical function and frames the figure while providing the impression of an embryo in an egg when seen from above.

Product information


Recyclable PLA plastic with protective polymer coating. Acrylic stone. Stainless steel.


(L) 65cm (W) 110cm (H) 75cm


The Embryo is limited to 10 editions.

Each sculpture is made using modern 3d printing technology.

We can customize each item to make it one of a kind. Please contact us for further information.

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