“There exist romantic memories of the world that are akin to dreams. This is one of them. Of when in the hot summer you cross endless fields barefoot along sunny paths feeling the hot ground underneath. And however long that journey is, wherever it may lead, you wish it would never end. The sun gives way to the moon and the reflections of the flickering stars bring with them that nocturnal chill, but the journey continues. There’s no rush as you bask in that aimless journey and in that endless childhood, floating in tranquility and the absence of time…” Ana Mas

This enormous, 7-meter-long sculptural composition was conceived as an indoor lamp. Its base contains a set of diode pixels that shifts and flashes, creating the illusion of stars slowly shining and flowing. The lamp can illuminate a large interior space and fill it with the colors of the mysterious and boundless night sky.

Product information


Recyclable PLA plastic with protective polymer coating. Acrylic stone. Stainless steel.


(L) 690cm (W) 190cm (H) 175cm


The Milky Way composition is limited to a single edition.

Each sculpture is made using modern 3d printing technology.

We can customize each item to make it one of a kind. Please contact us for further information.

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