Fireflies - Standing boy sculpture night lamp. Close up night view

“Sneaking out of bed at night barefoot to catch fireflies on the wet grass was one of my favorite childhood activities. I would remember to hide my pajamas first so that they wouldn’t get wet or dirty. Thanks to that trick, my parents never found out that we weren’t asleep, but actually chasing fireflies in the yard. And then we would read by the light of that flickering jar under the sheets and tell each other mysterious stories. Those childhood trophies were truly valuable to us, and there was nothing more important than them…” Ana Mas

This is a piece of Fireflies triptych composition.

Each of them was conceived as a nightlight and has its own unique flickering light source that imitates the light cast by living fireflies. The frequency of the nightlight’s flickering can be regulated down to zero separately for each sculpture.

Fireflies - Standing boy sculpture night lamp. Front view
Fireflies - Standing boy sculpture night lamp. Back night view

Product information


Recyclable PLA plastic with protective polymer coating. Acrylic stone. Stainless steel.


(L) 66cm (W) 70cm (H) 180cm


The Fireflies triptych is limited to 6 editions.

Each sculpture is made using modern 3d printing technology.

We can customize each item to make it one of a kind. Please contact us for further information.

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